Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tower Of Power - What Is Hip? (Studio Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....watching an Amazon.com commercial that was using this phat track from Tower Of Power....What Is Hip? It sounded so nice I had to play it twice!! check out the players and the track...
....of course  Lenny Williams is on the vocals .....along with...

  • Greg Adams - trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Emilio Castillo - tenor saxophone,
  • Carmen Grillo - guitar,
  • Stephen "Doc" Kupka - baritone saxophone
  • Russ McKinnon - drums, percussion
  • Nick Milo - keyboards
  • Francis Rocco Prestia - bass
  • Lee Thornburg - trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone,
  • Lenny Pickett - saxophone
  • Paul Perez - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
  • Poncho Sanchez - congas


Anonymous said...

I don't think Carmen played on that album. I believe it was Bruce Conte.

O-ZONE said...

Right you are!!! I wasn't sure about that one either!! thanks for your input and thanks for stopping by!!