Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's On..Damn Damn Damn!!! Did They Get It?

Damn! damn! damn! this was expressed..did you get it?

O-Dog brings the sound!! O-Zone..the Good Word..we proceed and continue..we won't stop we get it get it.

What's up with it? unemployment benefits extended..but some act like they're mad at a bruh !! said I was violating like Rangel.. but I had options..I had this math.

So I let them go on about their business..they'll manipulate prices..I was on a different path.

Rolling with a different is handled..nothing shady like Wall Street.

We handle it before it handles in's easy to take a corporate corridors and on the street.

Trick or treat like Halloween when observing the scene!! but usually minding and tending.

Usually deep in the lab writing this good word and beat blending.

The by product? sending messages in the songs..noticed morale was low in the spot.

My conduct was questioned!! they never knew about the stash..the bruh fights back with.

Now O-Dog will sound clash!! bass, treble and tone's on.

Bruised and bashed by the apparatus...but I busted out of L-7 square like Rick it's on.

Handling things like Chris Paul..but not playing's way too real.

Corporations and rogue nations play slick games!! as we can see it's not the way to deal.

But we dealt with these slick games played by these new type gangsters.

What's the outcome? we had to pull out the drum!! we fight back with the bangers.

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