Friday, July 23, 2010

Damn..It Can Go Either Way..

Damn!! I'm looking at it...some mention a sacred war...things can go either way..left or right.

Damn!! a crook had it locked down!! like Kid's like Day and Night.

I'll jam!! plus write this book..the answer to what's up with me.

Damn!! but I grew up with a bunch of crooks up in Louisville..asking did it corrupt me?

What looks like up to me is actually down!!like European regulators doing a stress test..or like others judging this economy!

Big businesses report profits!! but dude on the street is down to his last buck!! unlucky!

Gamblers out for a fast buck stacked the cards!!! plus got funny with the dice.

Ramblers off at the mouth like Limbaugh talk out the side of their neck!! NFL game like a battle between the bloods and crips? meanwhile merchants got funny with the price.

NYC residents ran down south down here in Atlanta!! what's up with ya? said upstate the bloods and crips were cutting up!

What's it all about? did hope go south in these hoods? some go all out!!! Mexican warlords and overlords were cutting up!

Information overload..whose in the database? claiming territory? but the mainstream of mathematics was hard to decipher.

On the case!! it's all game when I tell this story fron the stream of consciousness..a Parliament Flashlighter.

Who started it? a riot inciter!! taking things back to the sixties.

New world order? the theory..who buys them? winning tickets..what's the winning numbers? three sixes is what they'll be.

Out of order with these? this is the rebuttal to the pitchforks devils use.

what's up with them and those? From ATL to LA to New York...from Pluto to Mars To Saturn...we'll lose.

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