Thursday, July 08, 2010

This Is How I'm Operating!!

A doctor like Zhivago ...but I'm pulling the plug on these social experiments.

Rocking Chicago and Memphis style blues!! even the Motown style!! O-Dog is tapping on instruments.

What's the scenario? things are detrimental to your health!! they're hazardous.

Whose running things like Roscoe P Coltrane? ..shady like the Dukes of Hazzard was.

Playing this like a coal miner near Hazard Kentucky!! wearing a hardhat with a lantern on top.

A beat miner..while others waited in the dark!! just got from Saturn .....with intergalactic funk and hip hop.

Others shop until they drop!!or maybe not..whose getting crunk? soon caught up in a Bermuda Triangle.

Corporations government and religion running things!! like old school Chicago Bulls or modern LA Lakers!! the offense? the triangle.

Haters try to strangle like Boston!! going on a Rampage Jackson!!

Debaters of irrelevant issues scrimmage!! asking what have you done for me lately like Janet Jackson.

Others are back in love like Jeffrey Osborne and LTD!! but they weren't feeling me..I was on some other other.

Some were even showing scorn!! they didn't understand a brotha.

In the killing fields a full metal jacket is worn!! similar to old school armor and shields.

But like Kevin Costner? a field of dreams is present this!! breakbeat science is the by product!! this is what a brotha builds.

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