Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's On...I Had To Hit The Switch..

It's on!! I had to hit the switch!! now everything is flowing..or like the BP oil stopped least for now.

It's on!! I wasn't suspended like Dodgers..I had to hit the pitch!! it was over the plate!! had to do it here and now!

Like that wedding song by Luther Vandross!! RIP!! so what's the deally? I see some front and floss..calling themselves regulating!

What's the prognosis? I did a cost analysis..seeing how foul it is. the Senate filibuster ended...whose still hating?

Lethal doses were mixed with the kool aid!! so what's happening captain?

Beats and prose are similar to the hadron collider..or the Tevatron..were atom smashing.

Devils are opposed to these freedom riders!! spotted vehicles crashing and burning..the devil was laughing!

Doors are closed!! plus windows of opportunity..whose understanding this math we bring?

Another's staff will bring the drama!! but that's what they get paid to do!

Anothers wrath is rebuked!! please!! the elders said they prayed for you!

Predators preyed on you!! will joints get nuked? ..journeyman welders thought the structure was secure..bullet proof.

These sonic mechanical engineers studied blueprints and's a journey man!! reality will provide proof.

Sword of truth is carried!! irrational fears get beheaded..but facing aloof and arrogant accusations.

Wasn't's on!! breakbeat science is dropped on these nations.

Actually the universe.intergalactic..knocked off balance like the black hole...what you facing? check out how we kick it.

Opposition is know the devil is opposed.. it's like a strike..haters will try to picket.

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