Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Transmitting Live From Atlanta..

Live from the planet called Atlanta!! Transmitting Live from a remote outpost.

Intergalactic..erratic though..blowing gas bubbles like a black hole..but on the North American continent..putting it down coast to coast.

Didn't brag or boast..or chill like the grim sleeper...didn't have that kind of energy!! a bruh is more focused on results.

Jet lag from intergalactic travels created an attitude!! cosmic debris like asteroid particles...who started these or those? had no time to fool with cults.

Cults of personalities have some drinking the kool-aid.

Grape for Republicans? red or cherry by the Democrats? George Benson said its a Masquerade.

Others are at parties sipping tea!! that"s talking out the side of their necks.

Pity parties are jumping!! who dances with the devil? waiting on him to cut checks?

The system will have you waiting in the dark!! it disrespects..check the power hackers attacked the grid.

What's up with them? gamblers are still out for a fast buck!! placing a bet or bid.

Big winners hid!! then dipped in a fast fast car like Tracy Chapman!! when the structure collapses.

Big losers were down to their last buck!! soon spent on self medication due to relapses.

Assignment choosers couldn't grasp this!! but old girl said everybody wouldn't be able.

Confinement out in Wonderland with Alice is where they were choosing to believe the fable.

Or maybe parables..whose fair with a bro? down here in the promised land?

AKA...Atlanta..they'll damage ya..soon some will understand....

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