Sunday, July 18, 2010

Focused...Minding and Tending

Minding and tending..but staying busy..not waiting in the dark.

Beat blending and dropping the Good Word..the vehicle is not in park.

Admitting..we did park the Mothership on earth..voyages were made like the Virgin Galactic..but when we came back the reception was lukewarm..but other planets visited Virgo..they were in alignment.

Focused..a haters embassy will get stormed with the steady bombardment...a bruh didn't take things for granted..not this assignment.

Focused..check out this solitary confinement by product soon revealed by this entity. I rebuke the bogus conduct.. wasn't feeling this energy!

The bogus had corrupt I hear some say woo..woo woo!! they have my folk coming and going.

As we approach this with the attitude of invincibles..ignoring the propaganda..lies..innuendo..going for what we're knowing!

As we coach this like John Wooden ..whatcha knowing? or coaching like Phil Jackson...I'm focused!! down south in Atlanta but using West Coast principles!!

UCLA high post or the Triangle offense? going off with this!! just for the principles.

High or low post notions about the Bermuda Triangle? were working these Herbie Hancock or even Roy Ayers type angles...but whose slick like the Gulf oil spill?

Play on player I was told!! will the truth be told? we had notions for this breakbeat science!! This Is Part Of A Bigger Plan...crops are planted in fertile soil.

Prayers sent up during the toil and strife!! now focused...dealing with it ..who get's in the way? I'm not mad at anybody!

All up in the spot...who held the dagger? the knife? operating like O-Jays backstabbers..trying to catch a body?

All up in the spot..who jacks the swagger of somebody they wish they could be?

Rolling up on the I get back with ya..minding tending..just doing me.

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