Monday, July 05, 2010

Power Surges...

Power surges hit the grid...due to the hot weather? causing a shut down!! somebody hit the reset button!!

Traffic merges on I-285 in Atlanta..will they shut it down? who merges like corporations? I see the system set up a punishment glutton.

Uncontrolled urges will land ya in facilities..medical or correctional!

Or you can get fired..meanwhile we rolled up on the spot!! then rolled through!! abilities are flexed!! correcting those!

Errors made due to the horror and terror charade..spotted the cowardly lion.

Spotted the Wizard Of Oz..voice amplified!! selling wolf tickets!! scenarios? wolves were in sheeps clothing!! like Pops said..somebody's lying!

Whose crying? dogs bark up the wrong tree!! was it A 30 year old McGruff? or was it Steele of the GOP? who'll now have the Minnesota Timberwolves record?

...Since Kevin Garnett left..priorities shift..the vehicle..who'll wreck it?

Oh yeah!! Garnett got a ring!! but is this the end? looked old against the Lakers?

New Edition singing in the background...with the Sonic Assault? I back down fakers!

From Teddy Riley type rump shakers to wannabe gangsters..even the New Type one.

As the foul implement their policies...rules and regulations..they'll stereotype one.

Meanwhile O-Zone is typing one!! a's part of a Bigger Plan.

Clearance rack epiphanies illuminate the magic circle!! presto!! naysayers ask me how did you figure it out man?

In these districts> it's ill!! the triggerman is spotted!! fumbling to get to the 38.

Just a hired gun..due to the power surge..society shows hate!!!

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