Thursday, July 29, 2010

Biting The Hand That Feeds Them....

Dogs bark up the wrong tree!! plus they bite the hand that feeds them...

Waiting In The Dark? you wont see me!!..I'm busy...fertile grounds and soil? a bruh seeds them!!

Whose still hating? your embellishment? who impedes them? things have gotten crazy!!

Whose debating irrelevant issues? others will pledge never seizes to amaze me!!

What phase will I be in? I'm tripping!! usually all about peace..but now I've got the I wish somebody would attitude..

What phase will I be in? the saga / struggle continues..but still supposed to show gratitude?

What's up with ya..they ask a bruh?? please!! we were spotted..longitude and latitude is tracked by GPS..

Jason Bourne style!! checking the file..or even an Enemy of The State like Will Smith? can you feel this?

Whose born foul? part of their genetic makeup? tell me what the deal is!!

Walked a mile in homie's shoes?...ashes to ashes..dust to dust..dude was on his last leg..that's what the real is!!

Good and evil clashs make some beg, borrow and steal...what's the deal? soldiers were smoked out..auras enhanced by angel dust...under the influence..

Cash is the mission..but some bite the hand that feeds them..we're acting like we knew this..

Others are finding out what blue is...the economy is rough..whose hanging around B.B and Albert King?

Listening to the Moody Blues...paying dues..what mood did you choose? even if holding a championship ring!!

What's happening captain? whose mad at the world?? now barking up the wrong tree!!

A bruh is admitting...I even bit the hand that feeds me..Intergalactic..but parking the Mothership on earth..what's wrong with me?

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