Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving Targets Are Hard To Hit..The Grand Cross Edition..

Moving targets are hard to hit...I stay busy dodging lasers, missiles I.E.Ds and bullets..

"It ain't hard to tell" like Nas mentioned back in the day...minds are playing tricks..I'm dodging folks in hi-top fades and mullets....

It's like an old episode of Cops on Tru-Tv...even car chases in old hoopties..

One step ahead of the Inquisition what's the position? how you living? they'll bring you down like Rangel....whose next? heard Maxine Waters!! manipulators try to loop these!!

One step ahead...a moving we try to school these and those..dropping knowledege...down here in the ATL..took homies advice..this player kept it pimpng...

One step ahead..letting honeys go on about their business..I'm guerilla pimping the system..

Guerillas in the mist like Ice Cube and them..heard dude said his money was slow...he even mentioned hustling backwards..

What's up with this? in Charlotte folks were caught with those bricks..that's how that works!!

The attitude? I kept moving..grand cross was in some that hurts!! that's why we launch this Sonic Assault..

The atttude? I kept'll get caught up...caught out there like Hamas leaders out there in Gaza...what's up with ya? You know hell is caught!!

Reality was a good I tell you what was taught..check these epiphanies from the clearance rack...

Cashing reality checks..but facing security checks...whose given clearance for that?

Checked the files..checked the styles..loathing and fearing is back in fashion...

Checked the files..what's the final outcome after Titans were clashing?

Checked the files..snitches were cashing checks...but during this final conflict O-Dog pulled out the drum...

O-Zone? I kept it moving..moving targets are hard to hit...I wasn't the one..

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