Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Thousand Miles Traveled..Feel Like I've Been All Over The Universe.

Mystic Voyages taken..soaking up knowledge like the large skimmer soaking up oil in the Gulf of Mexico...this is real talk no faking!! I even consulted with oracles.

Words of encourage given..checking out how were the midst of some disputes that are territorial.

Leading to psychological, sociological, spiritual, and physical repercussions.

We pass the message on in our songs..O-Dog is rocking you with the percussions.

Good word dropped in these discussions after I consulted with spirits of the elders.

Now check out the process Industrial Strength Mechanical Engineering!! your now consulting with sonic carpenters and welders.

What can you tell us I was asked? doing it..some multi-tasked..some even read declarations of independence..even expressed doubts.

A bruh is still standing...Louisville representative like Muhammed Ali!! I'm still winning championship bouts.

Some games were routs like the Lakers beating the Celtics...but I admit some battles were lost.

From Buford Highway in Atlanta were Lady Gaga fronted on West End Louisville were Tony had that dro..what was the cost?

From Old Natti in College Page, up in Cincinnatti where homie fronted and flossed at the Macy's Music Festival.

Back in the day it was the Kool Jazz Festival!! these days? real cool ones told to let it go!!

...To Public Enemy radicals like Chuck D and Flavor Flav with the clock.

Whatsup with me? spotted homies selling the Final Call down on the block.

Mystic Voyages taken..a thousand miles traveled..feel like I've been all over the universe..I hit the reset button.

Whose faking? felt like it's raining all over the world..not just Georgia like Brook Benton..hopefully this good word encourages another one.

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