Sunday, July 25, 2010

Safe Havens...Safe Harbors PT.2

No safe havens or safe harbors..soon peace will be disturbed..

Whose misbehaving? who harbors hatred? harbors attacked like my appetite is curbed..

Whose enslaving the masses? dealt with like Daniel Pearl in the word on the curb the truth?

Heard the news I see new age slaves skinning and Afghanistan war douments are released..didn't have to look far for the proof..

Bearing witness to Titan clashes..whose chilling out in caves in Afghanistan? out past Bora Bora!! skimming profits off of opium sales!!

What's the business? what's up man..what's the score? rules regulations and procedures developed after the coping strategy fails?

What's the business? finding out what the deal is!! no safe havens or safe harbors during these Critical Stages of bailouts like the banks received....then some of them still go under!! in need of a stress test?

What's the business? situations are people are bombarded by internal or external stimuli..the apparatus will test..

What's the business? old girl in the old 80's model Caddie Fleetwood Borugham said she was blessed and highly favored..

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors found during the storm...but it wasn't the Germany some Love Paraded..

The Baltimore Ravens played it..the rough we do..but we'll launch the Sonic Assault..

Who wanted more? Cooperstown type status like Andre Dawson... they were fronting and flossing..but soon hell is caught..

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