Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Were They Trying To Do?

Babylon's agents front like they have it going on!! whatcha trying to do?said it's on! check the climate..due to global warming they skate on thin ice.

Wearing sharp skates!! it gets ugly!! they'll fall through like US banks aint nothing nice!

Society hates!! trying to assassinate characters!! knew what the price was!! but I tried to help some of them.

Ill debates were heard!! ..but they didn't give us anything to work with!! but I had the drum for them.

Rates are too high!! but the good word and breakbeats are part of the play this coach runs for them.

Word from Phil Jackson!..had to the middle of the action? fates were altered by ecological ignorance..peace runs from them..what's left?.

Work is put in like Samuel L Jackson and the Avengers..but chaos and confusion is the norm ...any deliverance when priorities shift?

Taking a loss? what kind of umbrella are you using during the storm? gifts are provided by the Lord.

Blessed with weapons to fight spiritual warfare!! they won't fail ya!! that's why I stay on one accord.

Stressed? we ignored perpetrators!! dipped in a hooptie with the trunk rattling from the O-Dog funk....but it wasn't a Honda Accord.

But the Cut Dog aka Cutlass Supreme was stolen by those who were bored!! switched to the Crown Vic..the Ford.

But had to let it go!! no Love Supreme like John Coltrane...still raw dog!! ATLiens take cop cars like Crown Vics and Chevy Impalas and trick them out.

Then turned on their swagger!! tricking because they got it!! going all out.

Without a doubt!! but who gets foul with us? agents for Babylon..corrupted like Adobe files.

Acrobats and fanatics weren't with this or that!! knowing nothing about these styles!

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