Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Hot Mess For Ya!!

I knew things were a hot mess...damn!! I'm caught up in the middle of it..

Word from this hot messenger!!!...another mess for ya? who makes the simple complex? they made a riddle of it!!

That entity with the superiority complex hid secret knowledge from the masses...

So we'll hit that territory up with the Sonic Assault...coming with the next...check this...this is what we meant by funk..conducting classes..

We tell the story about the hell that's caught..up in the spot like Buffalo.. where automatic gunfire blasted..

Check the story..based on spiritual's automatic..similar to the ground zero mosque...soon a spot where some prayed..fasted?

Inclement weather is in the forecast..floods like Pakistan? check this forecast..but this is not the weather channel...

Whose cunning and clever? but peace doesn't last's like back in the day in the hood..whose dodging homies in Chuck Taylor's , Khaki and flannel?

What it do? where did we spot you? were you chilling in the Lion's Den like Daniel ...but the game changed..long white tees and Air Force Ones are part of the street uniform..

Plus I see baby girl was strange like Cameo said...but I didn't like it..she's not the norm..

Whose in the storm? the danger zone...the hot mess..more than a cameo appearance..but told it's nothing by so called experts..

A stranger was spotted..a clone or surrogate infiltrating the networks?

A banger is what you get from O-Dog ..playing the funk is part of a bigger plan..he's putting in work..

The Boston Strangler is rebuked..a trick bag? that's what some are put's another hot mess!! now some are hurt!!

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