Monday, September 13, 2010

Battle Cries Were Still Heard....Lord Help Lord Help!!

Battle Cries were in full effect..I heard Lord Help..Lord Help!! Lord Have Mercy!!

Word from the Torture Chamber resident!! not on one accord with ongoing's like Senate Republicans vs. Obama..nobody will work with me!!

We're all up in the spot for ya!! got you covered..but some didn't feel the thrift store prophecies..even though they're in full effect..

On the court for ya!! hooping like Kevin Durant! what's up with that? show some respect..

In Superior Court? it's on? no respect shown!! whose frick and fracking? haters were card charges will get trumped up..

Told to abort the mission..ecological ignorance will alter the'll get fired by Donald Trump!! time's up..

The economy is bad!! down here in College Park Georgia? crime's robberies in Atlanta are off the chain!! the grass looked greener on the other side..

.....of course it was artificial or astro turf..just another kind of how will you ride?

.....of course this art is official!! straight from the ATL!! but I confide in a higher power..

This art is beneficial..please be advised about what is approaching...the last hour..

....whose pushing fast forward buttons? approaching Armageddon..history repeating? whose forgetting?

...whose encroaching on territory that they have no business being in?

This bruh will tell a story..blowing up like gas lines? damned if I do or don't...either way I'm going in!!

Sailing for new harbors...streams of consciousness is what I'm flowing in...

Is this the final mission like the Space Shuttle Discovery? out where big galaxies swallow up small ones?

Beams of light shine for those waiting in the dark...counting victories..even the small ones..

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