Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carolina Cruising PT.2..

Rocks were hurled like it was the Gaza Strip..Iran's Ahmadinejad throws them? now whose ducking and diving?

Hard rocks earled after drinking the brown liquor from Tennessee and Kentucky...after they were drinking and driving..

As the world turned..arriving in the ATL after Carolina Cruising...from Raleigh to the heart of it...surviving the onslaught..

As the world turned...putting it down...whose winning or losing? little homie was shot by the harlot..similar to the drama in Seattle..or they'll holla atcha in Somalia..Islamic insurgents vs The African Union..hell is caught...

We fight back with the Sonic Assault...steady bombardment of the enemy position Carolina Cruising..from Raleigh Durham home of the Duke Blue Devils on up to Louisville..

....home of the Cardinals..why would some start with us? ..not really knowing the deal..

...Up in the Kool-Aid but didn't know the flavor..all up in the heart of this but didn't know the real..some are waiting for answers..

Some even make a Pledge To America..but may be the authors of the mass hysteria..whose waiting in the dark where the devil was waiting for dancers?

Who understands us? please!! they're just waiting on us to pay tributes..

They haven't stopped hating on us..bear witness to the ongoing disputes..

..."This does not compute" ...said the robot on Lost In Space..catching a ride back home on Russian spacecraft..lost in the race? GPS is recalculating..

...interfacing with satellites..some folk "ain't right" Bishop Eddie Long is caught up in it..some were too cute..couldn't do the dirty the foul are still hating..

....Whatcha facing? turned the dial to C-Span..some still debate issues that aren't relevant..

....Whatcha facing? I was turned off by the style...some still aren't benevolent..

.....I burned baby burned...just got back from the going off with the disco inferno..

....I learned baby learned..where did you find us..waiting on our turn to go..

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