Monday, September 06, 2010

Glitches In Matrix Continue...They Didn't Stop....

They said my entry code and password were invalid..they said I was wilding..

Just because I'm in street mode....using ghetto passes..following the street code..foul with it? wilding?

Operating like Iran? weapons inspectors still mad at me? or acting like my man will be? he's got the altered Swisher or Black and Mild..will it bring euphoria to some?

whose down for the cause? Obama said the GOP isn't!! meanwhile I'm bewildering some.

..the mode is not understandable..there was no applause!!..not getting in where I fit in? I guess the matrix is not for a brotha..

Cause and effect? plus the clause or fine print in the contract are rebuked by these Random Thoughts From A Brotha.

Those that pause for the cause were contacted at random..soon stoned and cursed like the lady in Iran..who lacked understanding?

The Marshall enforces the law with reckless abandon..but the strike is on in France...who will take a stance? where are you standing?

Martial law is the Pakistan explosives laden trucks are crashing into police stations.. ..confusion and frustration is the norm...whose standing up for their rights?

I saw good and evil clashing from my vantage point...the flashing lights?

.....Saw security stashing guns, mace, flashlights and keys in their pockets..job market is rough..only job they could find!! they were appointed..

.....Now they're ready for duty!! I heard Flashlight by Parliament ...whose anointed?

Whose acting like they know me? now blaming me like Obama!! now disappointed by the way I act...

Now my entry code and password is invalid..did I have the knack?

Didn't enter the mode of least resistance..showing's back to life..back to reality..

Like Soul To Soul..ecological ignorance didn't alter the fate..not really..

Check how I roll..I knew the deally..this brotha made adjustments...

Listening to Public Enemy..Chuck D & Flavor Flav..can't trust it...

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