Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I-85 Chronicles...The Blogspot Edition..

Authority was assumed...rituals followed..questions asked..who appointed themselves God?

Territories were claimed during sessions..so called heroes were anointed!! rolled up with a squad.

I-85 chronicles....another version at blogster....it's not odd that I come with this!!! it's based on Random Thoughts.

Plus I respond with breakbeat science..check these Sonic Assaults.

Steady bombardment of the enemy position!! frontline spiritual warfare business.

Dealing with Muslims, Baptist, Lutherans and others..whose acting brand new with them? even agnostics had to acknowledge..fates not altered by ecological ignorance.

Word from the minister? be thankful for the basics!! but realizing there's no justice or peace for them!! who? my brethren are going through it!!

Rolling through I-85 as I cover the south side...from Columbus Georgia to Raleigh North Carolina..acting like I knew it.

All the way live like Lakeside might even find a brotha on the cutting edge.

Reality put me here...like the Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five theory... I was pushed closed to the edge..

....."trying not to lose my head"...."it's like a jungle sometimes..it makes me wonder how I keep from going under".

Caught out there in the storm like it's the Caribbean!! in the rain, lightning, and thunder.

The style is not the norm...I'm down under the Mason Dixon line..but I reign from the Midwest.

Dollar chasing has me crossing the line..it's rough on others..but during the reign of terror I had to deal with the stress..

Almost had the best of me....had to fall back..dipped up and down I-85..but now I'm back..

The devil is mad!! I found out he's a liar!! so I didn't call back!!

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