Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding Out What The Deal Is....

What's the deal? it went from one extreme to another..there's no equilibrium.

Physicians had the Balm in Gilead....what's the deal with it? dispensing Prozac..Zanax or Lithium.

..whose not through dealing? yellow caking it up with uranium!! check the style!! who acts like they know them?

Others baking pies ...smoking dry kush..with mushrooms clouds!! styling and profiling in front of crowds!! trying to show them!!

They said I was acting random..reckless abandon? Distant Lover style!! word from Marvin Gaye.

What's the deal? even said I acted like Soulja Boy!! out of pocket!! but I can see how they play.

What's the deal? I can even see how they pray!! got what they asked for!! did they want it?

Blessed and highly favored...tag on front of the Sedan Deville told us the deal!! but whose masked like Zorro? ..but we didn't know it.

Snitches confessed!! the media calls them whistle blowers...a new industry? some act like they're astonished.

....riches didn't bring happiness..some were haphazard with this and that..who stalked the so called lover lover? all up on it!

...what's the business?? now white chalked!! yellow crime scene taped!! flashing lights seen.

But not like Kanye, Lil Wayne and them!!
..structures are caulked because they were leaking!!! shape shifters were seen.

Corrupt ones were priority shifters!! plots, schemes and ploys exposed.

I came up with ones who were so called gifted!! but those boys and girls were soon exposed!!

The game is up for some!! loads lifted from those with the weight of the world.

....on their shoulders..while they stood on the giants..immune to the drama that unfurled.

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