Friday, September 03, 2010

Learning How To Fix Things...

I learned how to fix things...doing things.. a mechanic...working on breakbeats

O-Zone learned the hard way...damn!! now I kick things that are mathematical..whose fake in these streets?

We burned baby burned!! disco inferno!! what did we learn from cities on fire in the sixties..

We turned baby turn!! cut the corner like Axl Rose....bottles were somebody's street committees are trying to fix these..

Plus fixed those..who crossed the border?....Taliban in Pakistan makes plans....conspiracy theories were confirmed

Slick with these? sick with these? whose out of order like the Sheriff in Arizona? as the world turned?

360 degrees it spinned!! six degrees of separation was even calculated...

The Three Six Mafia represented Memphis.. they tore the club up!! meanwhile in the A-Town? the foul hated..

Pick your Mafia or Cartel!! the struggle continues..who you dealing with? it can be from Alpha to Los Zetas..

It's not hard to tell like Nas.. ....Alpha to Omega is how they'll play this..

It's not hard to fail...DVD..VHS..Beta tapes will play this..what's up with this? the foul have a leg up in this game...

They made the rules up!! the time for fools is up!! whose catching the blame?

Check the sessions..seminars and schools are up..class is over!! it's a shame..but we proceed..

...and we continue..the clash is not secret gardens? we planted the seed..

True indeed!! what's on the menu? playing it like Isley Brothers.. after the harvest for the world is reaped?

....after it's sowed..reality showed us these brothas creeped...

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