Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Peace Be Still......PT.4

Peace be still!! quiet is usually kept..but the devil won't let you rest!! I was expecting a disturbance..

A bruh can't chill..others slept..but I wasn't expecting them to work with this..

Others with ill intentions were disrespecting that and burning Qurans....who crept? they're trying to hurt this and that..

...out in other dimensions...whose showing disloyalty? ....they even owe me royalties!! some didn't cease or desist.. where you at?

...heard the extraordinary rendition of the whose facing suspension from the league? Heisman Trophy's confiscated..whose hated? whose fearing that?

Meanwhile I'm dipping in the Mothership..somebody asked whose steering that?

What it do? epiphanies are on the clearance rack...after Random Thoughts are collected..

As we deal with these and'll be like a Nigerian jail break..with the fake? the Sonic Assault conflicted..

Hell is plans contradicted with what reality has..

What's purchased with these reality checks? on the front lines? it's the have nots vs the haves..

Drama goes down on the aves, boulevards, streets and the lanes..

Good Times Like Chic? what it do? please!! that must be down Minnie Riperton's Memory Lane..

Good crimes and bad crimes? Robin Hood style!! rob from the rich and give to the poor?

Chimes and bells ring at churches in the hood..whose going through the door?

Whose acting like they knew the score? watching ESPN & Fox Sports..

Peace be still? ...I doubt it..hustles get knocked in these sports!!

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