Thursday, September 09, 2010

Peace Be Still...PT.5

..............word from this veteran in the game..........

I've been here for a minute..what it do? back in the day dipped in the Buick deuce and a quarter.. Caddie coupe devilles...Shawnee Park up in Louisville...Louisville's son like Muhammad Ali...even dipped down Muhammad Ali Blvd. ....out of order when crossing borders?

....a bruh chills..others conduct disorderly? no Quran burning? doing this and that..others earning money from Donald Trump in the deal? whose starting something?

What's the deal? who took Michael Jackson's song out of context? Wannabe Starting Something!!

Next thing you know? your caught up in something..getting smashed like the Jets say they'll do Ray Lewis? can we vacate the premises?

Building with fellow tribe members...we talked about believing empty promises..

Not yielding to negative vibe Democrats abandoning Obama.. even spotted Uncle Thomases and Aunt Jemimas..

Fielding grounders on the field of outfielder..where did you find us?

Floating down streams of consciousness...were they polluted like the Gulf Of Mexico?

In Louisville...saw brothas floating in Sedan Devilles..still on it!! heard homie playing Teddy Pendergrass..Love TKO.. ....

Whatcha know? slavery over? like US Marines vs Somali and so called taskmasters clash..

Please!! it's like a jungle sometimes...that's word from Grand Master Flash..

Weapons are held..a bruh has a stash..blessed assurances received from the family..

The Lord is in the blessing business ..somebody might understand me..

Not on one accord with those stressing this...peace be still is the slogan..

....still waters run deep like the Four I try to stay open..

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