Saturday, September 25, 2010

Carolina Cruisin PT.3.....The Aftermath...

What's the deal? check this aftermath..through Carolina least for the moment..

Things are way too real for this dude from Louisville..realizing that evil is the opponent...

A veteran in the game now coaching..not an amateur like Ahmadinejad accused Obama of being..

Please!! this bruh is more like Iron Man...sometimes seeing is believing..

What was I achieving? a lot...even though shadetree mechanics stole my tools..the box is empty.

What are others achieving? shady fanatics roll up like fools!! then want sympathy.

Spotted those deceiving..they're ignored...mathematics are used..I developed my own rules!! now doing me..being myself.

What's the deal? I'm back with this!! cruised the Carolinas..had to go on with my bad self!

The moves made are stealth!! it'll be hard to find us!! from Charlotte to Raleigh.. to the right the of the dial we turned.

Physical and mental health the able danger zone? ..what's really going on? haters front on us!! "they ain't right" ..sent a notice..we were burned. ..

...Lessons were learned along the boundaries..between fantasy and reality...

CD's are burned...MP3s processed..sounds will cross borders..actually this thing is worldwide...universal..that's the deally.

...Like immigrants crossing over into Arizona...from Mexico..the new Colombia? opposition is met.

Crossroads like Bone Thugs and Harmony? haters all on ya!! they want you to take a loss..quit or forfeit.

For it or against it? whatcha know about it? I'm working with a PHD..pass having doubts!! it's the real deal like Holyfield since I'm in the ATL.

Staying one step ahead of stormtroopers..wanting your boy to fail.

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