Sunday, September 12, 2010

They Said The Thrill Is Gone...But We Shall Overcome...

The Thrill Was Gone Like BB King said..what it do? the euphoria has disappeared..

The deal has gone south...whose under a spell? no bling or fly it's what some feared..

So called real have come south..fell back...slides into the ATL...dude said he was up at the top...he left NYC..

What's the deal? the Brotha O is chilling for a minute..will it last? we'll see..

Peace be still!! what's the deal? Ramadan is over..who prayed to the east and fasted? meanwhile others couldn't chill...guns still blast and roadside bombs are planted...

These days? it's famine or feast..meanwhile we bring the O-Dog Podcast after the Mothership Landed...

These days? brothas are taken for's stereotypical...racial profiling before Arizona.. ..charges will get trumped up..

Appointments? Rendezvous With Destiny? running behind..or the schedule will get bumped up..

Not anointed..what's the deally? we put in know we humped up in this piece!! we're in transition..

Joint committees and blue ribbon panels make recommendations..but they're lost in translation..

What it do? pity parties are jumping!! confusion and frustration fueled the disco inferno..

Burn baby burn!! what's up? it's like San Bruno!! act like you know!! flames were jumping from roof to roof!! the fire will grow..

Learn baby learn!! slow your roll!! the proof is right in front of you!!

As the world turns..pieces of your soul and spirit are extracted..the world will front on you..

The Thrill Was Gone...but were still in the hunt...hunters and gatherers..acting like we knew about it..

Haters pulled a stunt..thought they had a Resident Evil Afterlife..but caught out there in the danger zone like Kenny Loggins mentioned..who had their doubts about it?

Once again it's on!! O-Dog will adjust bass, treble and tone..even though confusion and chaos run rampart!!

O-Zone knew that the Thrill Is Gone...but like civil rights cliches? We Shall Overcome.. ..put a stamp on it..

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