Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Transfer..

Tapping in a few words on the Samsung phone...soon transferred to the blogspot.

Guns clapping in the hood led to storm troopers being transferred..the block is hot.

Thoughts of trapping us were exposed...easy to get played like Ecuador's president: realized there's no we rock the spot!! then float on like Floaters.

Subordinates were strapping us into the opposition like Obama meets..these are satisfied voters..

No satisfied customers? lined up at the service desk..meanwhile coordinates are plotted..we interfaced with satellites using GPS..but realized we were clocked at the same time..

What's up with referees and officials? knocked the hustle before game time!

But a bruh is acting the same with mine!! had to focus on the task at hand!

Plots and schemes tracking casualties of war...ate up by vultures and locust man!

Whose acting casually? now haters think the culture is bogus man!! whose disrespecting?

I was reacting another way..pulling the plug like Rahm Emanuel..disconnecting..

Playing it another way..nobody was expecting this outcome..

The Brotha O-Dog was playing the funk..he had to pull out the drum..

I wasn't the one to stay trapped or locked down!! I stayed in transit.

....But I am stuck on earth after the Mothership landed..

A bruh was stranded but I'm still peeping game..seeing what it do..

This whole world is under investigation..War said the World Is A Ghetto...I'm trying to see what it knew..

The Event took place like Blair Underwood..we're in the danger zone..

....."ain't nothing fair" in love or war...going under in the hood? what were you on?

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