Friday, September 24, 2010

....Ways and Means...

One man ways and means committee..whose with me when these policies are developed?

Unlike the Pledges To love or war whose fair with ya? I'm playing these scenes like a veteran now coaching..married to the game..we eloped... Las Vegas..after the system faked us..even doped and drinks laced with chemicals..

Bogus ones roped us was elementary like Holmes told Watson..whose hog tied? left in a catatonic spaced out listening to Ahmadinejad's subliminals.

Not through dealing!! dude was in South subs with narco-criminals..or terrorists...floating in the forecasters say storms were rolling up from the coast of Africa..

Listening to Billy Ocean's Caribbean beans perculating..chilling..will have to get back with ya..

....silly me...I had notions based on what was seen and heard..from Bishop Eddie Long in trouble down here in the universal concepts out there on Pluto..

...who'll deal with me when emotions are shown? no bail like Lindsay Lohan? back in the day? old dude told me to go for what I know..

Real Deal like Holyfield since I'm in the A-Town..the real me comes out..during the flow down the stream of consciousness..

Will they feel me? playing me like Obama..accused of being a socialist or a communist.

A bruh is coaching when I come with this!! but the players ignore me..

But I soon gain their attention, after they find out what the score will be..

Will windows and doors be closed..opportunities denied?

Skills are exhibited..what's the deal with it? ...funk flows through my pores...along with diplomatic called authority is defied..

Somebody lied!! word from Pops!! so this brotha ignored the doctrine..

For freedom? this brotha will ride!! plus we'll rock them!!

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