Sunday, October 17, 2010

Business As Usual

Mass confusion reigns in this's like The Gaza Strip...but they say it's business as usual.

Choosing to take the assignment? now flipping the script..what's up with it? Lebanon an Iran satellite? whose telling another story ...acting like they knew!

Cruising like Smokie..through the country we'll ride..I even dipped down I-85 to the Carolinas..but the front end on the vehicle needs alignment!! plus the tires are slick.

Losing or winning? the joke will be on us!! Countrywide played know the empire is slick!!

Credit was extended..A broke one was given a bonus by those slick like Ice Road Truckers.

What's up with it? a joker said they were the one!! ghetto superstars like homies playing at the Ruckers.

...Tournament in Harlem...or Dirt Bowl like Shawnee Park in Louisville..whose the Hottest in The Hood?

...Like Red Cafe...whose starting them? sparking revolutions like France? so what's good?

...Haters were misled..but laughing at me!! said my evolution was radical!! now asking me what's good?

...Told them I was trying to shed light...otherwise the solution? trying to find out what's hood!

Who "ain't right" ?? the wise and otherwise running the institution!! we should keep our guard up.

Games "ain"t tight" we're using the "whatever solution" or "by any means necessary" we kept are guard up!

Games had me bruised up!! scarred up!! I was even broken hearted.

The duct tape was useless!! unless used by jackers in a caper who are broke...they started it!

The ruckus was started!! what it do? from West End Louisville..on out to Somalia.

From the ATL to Kandahar...what's up y'all? it's way too real for ya!

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