Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Out There In The Heart Of It...

Pirates operated like they do in you know the coast isn't clear.

The style gets scientific..meanwhile O-Zone elaborated..the style will be courageous..showing no fear.

It gets hectic...pulling down the family like Obama is the Democrats? imagine that!! I'm trying to steer the vehicle to a safe harbor.

A fanatic had too many distractions for us!!! hatred they'll harbor.

Acting erratic like Newt Gingrich.. interactions soon lead to the jump off..drama occurs.

Static? don't start none..won't be none!! those were James Brown's words.

Automatic and semi automatic weaponry is heard!! from Pakistan to Chicagoland.

Dipped down the Dan Ryan Expressway....spotted Rahm semi tractor trailers roll down I-65!! ran me off the road!! in the median I land!!

Actors and actresses delay us...damn!! now the Buick Regal is messed up!!

Hollywood, Bollywood and other hood actors and actresses play a role..for the legal tender? they "fessed up" !!

Factors get weighted on a scale...even Joe Jackson's request for whose stressed up in the spot?

Linebackers played their hearts out in the game!! racked up Mike Vick!! they didn't fail!! they blitzed up in the spot!!

Jackers made some part with their goods..glamour and glitz make some Kool and The's too hot!!

Part of the ongoing conspiracy? Sarah Palin has it's the battles between the haves and have nots.

....In the heart of it...all up in the spot...plots and schemes manifest themselves ...recognize...

We're out there in the heart of it...floating through the stream of consciousness..will situations get rectified?

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