Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Humpday Special Edition...........

It's will we play? some services were unavailable..caught in a Midwest we try to make the best of it..trying to make do!

Coping strategies will fail a brotha or sista!! whose with ya? whose acting fake? catching a beat down at a Rand Paul rally? they'll try to foul me like D Wade going to the hoop in Boston!! I was told to enjoy the view.

Sonic Assaults are unleashed..back with these!! not acting in a Hollywood role..then flipping out like Charlie Sheen...I'm making it do what it do!!that's my platform.

Taking lemons and making lemonade is the cliche...but the flavor is not the norm.

Caught out in the storm...Tsunami like Indonesia!! whose in search of shelter?

Fooling with a bunch of jokers has thrown me off schedule!

Will I have to let it go? another Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass referred to?

Whatcha know? avoiding a snake in the grass!! mad at a brotha because they weren't deferred to!

Plus the vision is blurred too!! out here in the grey area!! Bernie Mac heard asking who you wit?

Whose speech was slurred? drinking the Grey Goose!! they were getting loose!! what's the deal with it?

Trying to be real with it!! but tires screech!! almost lost control approaching the roadblock.

...Along with setbacks and obstacles..The Saga / Strugggle Continues..soon ghetto passes will be revoked!! who'll take the street code back?

Heard the Ode To Billy Joe from back in the day..even Sounds of Silence from Simon and Garfunkel!

O-Dog will go for what he knows!! ignore those that told him how the funk should go!

..O-Zone will continue to flow down the stream of did they expect him to play it?

Check out another Humpday Special Edition...The struggle continues.our response to this and that? we pray about it!

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