Thursday, October 21, 2010

We're Going Through It!!

They wondered about the moves I made..asking me..what's the deally?

They wandered through the Babylon wilderness...who can feel this? getting fired from NPR just like Juan Williams..they should know what the deal will be!

Going through it!! should know what the real will be!! whose in denial?

Going through it!! like the sun through the meteor shower..whose acting brand new? why did they lie to bro?

Going through it!!..wrote this at 9:11 it symbolic? what's up with it? Lord Help was the battle cry!! good and evil are clashing.

Going through it!! moms in Subaru Outbacks with yellow ribbons on the back roll through the hood...The Bluff down by The Georgia Dome..looking for hits..almost crashing!

Going through it..reality will call your bluff..drama arrives at your front door..

Going through it..actually one expects it..rolling like that!! they wanted more!!

Meanwhile I'm cashing reality checks..not payroll checks at the hood check cashing spot!!..or at the liqour store.

Any fatalities? authorities check the collateral will they manage?..from Pakistan to Phipps Plaza in Atlanta......what's up with ya?..they figure there'll be more!

Realities from divorce were not granted!! Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown fronted!!

Of course this thing can get messy..easy to get stranded...but I knew how the stress will be...while Hollywood and Bollywood actors stunted..

Of course this thing can get the hood some get gaffled..they fronted and flaunted..

Of course business gets handled..or did it handle them..soon Halloween..was the house haunted?

Of course..when the Mothership landed on earth? the brotha from another planet will be confronted.

Of course a brotha gets taken for granted...even if I get on home runs hit..I bunted

A brotha gets scientific!!but I hunted and gathered...playing that basic role.

A fanatic gets confronted through sounds used as a weapon..basic funk, hip-hop and soul.

Mathematics dropped when we roll up!! didn't hold up or wait!! we're on top of it.

Dramatics from the next level are dealt with!! haters aren't stopping it.

...Us dropping with others that are suffering? I dont think so!

...Wasn't waiting for answers!! moving on to the next..I didn't think slow!

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