Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Saga /Struggle Continues.....Reloaded..

What's the deal...is it like the Democrats? are we caught up in no win situations?

Or maybe it's like a discombobulated Miami team vs Boston..way too real!! how did you feel about the trumped up charges and instigations?

But we still receive inspiration after we overcome these setbacks and obstacles!

Haters tried to deceive!! even thought our weapons were offline like the nuclear stockpile at Warren AFB!! but at the end of the day we're rocking them or those!

It's not too late to believe!! keeping hope alive like ...the old Jesse Jackson cliche.

I'm not in the debate..stories get twisted!! plus they're put in the spin cycle ...that's how some will play!

Some will say it's all gravy baby!! but then your caught up in wind machines like in the Midwest!! in matrix glitches.

Then they say I'm shady!! ..because I dipped in the hooptie..told them I was sick of this!

Shady Like Grady is how the business is!! told them I wanted no part of it!

But then I messed around and played myself!! I'm back in the heart of it!

Told some to back up!! they stressed like NFL officials do sack celebrations..what's the situation? they sweated the technique like Eric B and Rakim talked about..I told them to don't even start it!

These are dangerous times!! the outlook was bleak!! spotted the collateral damage...others are dearly departed.

Others were carted on gurneys...through Grady in The ATL..Shands in the Jax...rolling through the trauma ward.

Others felt the mental devastation..left emotionally scarred.

Others were barred from the premises!! because they didn't follow rules and regulations.

That's par for the course or below par like Tiger Woods was once playing it!

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