Monday, October 04, 2010

Winds Of Change Are Still Blowing..

Winds of change were need for a climate change meeting...I could feel it's in the air.

It's not strange...seasons change..heard baby girl sing like Natalie Cole..she's catching hell..say "life aint fair".

The machine will truth or dare you..sometimes running need for Manny Moe and Jack? .....other times in need of a tune up.

Gangster leans in old hoopties on Candler Road in Decatur?..
...crip walks down Peachtree St by the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta? military marches at Fort Benning Georgia...soon your time is up.

Gangsters claim territory like the Taliban In Pakistan...crime is up due to the economy..but the data doesn't reflect it.

Bradley tanks roll up on the territory..but blown up by IED's...just getting disrespected.

Whose mad at me because I disconnected? please!! only half of the story has been revealed.

"Holla at me if you hear me" !!...after things have been corrected..until then? I'm laying in the cut...I chilled.

It's like talks with Hamas..Israel..true feelings were revealed by sideways glances and remarks.

Through dealing? not really!! I just chilled..the hooptie? a bruh parks.

Cruised through Shawnee and Chickasaw Parks in Louisville back in the down here in the ATL.

Some saw me..showed respect..that's real...but others play me like Obama..wanted me to fail..

Some wanted me to sell drugs...rob and steal..wanted me to thug out..

Security cameras give the instant replay..GPS tracks us..walking on the thick carpet...losing traction..from under us? they'll pull the rug out..

Lacking stamina?..couldn't get your mug out of the's deep in the files..

Animal instinct kicks in..combined with elements from a higher form of life...check the styles..

Traveled many miles on the Mothership..Adventures like Sherlock Holmes..damned if we did or didn't....we had to live our life..

Just like your damned if you do or don' are you dealing with the toil and strife?

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