Sunday, December 26, 2010

Outside The Box.....The Concept Is Revisited..

Outside the box is how were rolling!! didn't follow instructions!! we're painting outside the lines.

O-Dizzle rocks!!intergalactic with it..avoiding space junk when rolling through the universe...crossing sectors, boundaries, borders, and lines!

....hitting you up with space funk...also known as Street Funk...meanwhile whose like The Peoples Bank of China? a fanatic proposes penalties and fines...surcharges..late charges and hidden fees.

..whose in our face..the corrupt? please!! mathematics were studied..hip to the fine print!! I knew about a haters steez!

Please!! it's erratic!! hectic!! don't you feel it? it's electric!! what's the deal with it? temperatures are rising like the Mobb Deep or old Quincy Jones joint!

As we ease back into it!! but it can fall apart like others are jacking you for it!

As they make their point!! as a mark? your the one they anoint!! had you tied up in duct tape!

It's what I use to hold everything together in this inclement weather all up in this corrupt state!

...Of Georgia..whose for or against ya? state troopers aka storm troopers do what they do!

Georgia on my mind!! the Ray Charles or Willie Nelson version..dude is swerving on I-85 on the way back from Charlotte..acting like I knew!

What it do..whose in the heart of it..the drama? it's like a cowboy movie..similar to True Grit.

...Or maybe mafioso style!! offers were made that you can't refuse!! your told to quit or forfiet!

Whose for or against it? as you try to recognize the pattern..seeing what it do!

Whose spotted waiting in the dark?..faking!! not telling us how the pain is!! by product from the bruising!! the battering!! but some of us actually see what it do!

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