Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still Acting Brand New PT.2......The State Of The Union..

2011....a new year..change is here? the state of the union? I don't know...it's about survival...I'm back to my old routines and habits!

Whats happening? it's strange...I'm still hood with it..down here in Atlanta...but I won't pull a smash and grab it!

It's strange...just like she is..like that joint from Cameo..but I don't like it!! the response? this product from the lab will be funky..its the street funk.

The conduct? more than cameo appearances are made..it's like Hezbollah  in Lebanon..but what are we on? O-Dizzle has the hooklines and his own beats..since I'm down here in Atlanta I just might get crunk!

Something stunk!! old girl pulled out the Lysol and started spraying it up in the air!

Something told me to dunk on the fast break like Blake Griffin..but just laying it up..I didn't have to go there!

I've had my share of ups and downs like Gladys Knight was singing on "your the best thing that happened to me".....

.....Assisted by the Pips when she got down!! meanwhile a brotha fell down..slips!! some wonder what happened to me!

Please...a lot of things are happening to me!!  I'm under construction! God is not through with me yet!! he's trying to purge the corruption!

Whats up with him? plus what's the state of the union?...Obama has his perspective...the Brotha O is in Dekalb County Ga trying to check it..I heard some asking about a bruh...they thought I didn't hear them!

Whatcha know? First 48 filming in Dekalb County...what will the sound be? some  will be Wikileaking...I can already hear them..

Whatcha know? in the light I'm basking ! others were waiting in the dark!! talking junk like Wiz Khalifa...yellow and black? as the Jets fell  back...others talk junk..lightning will strike..I didn't want to be near them!

Society fears them!! drones will strike in danger zones.. similar to Pakistan or Afghanistan!

Or it could be the ATL or Chicagoland !!whats up O-Zone? they were asking!! I told them a bruh is minding and tending.

Beat blending...plus we had the good word! Similar to the dread in the hood with the good herb.

You heard? that's the state of the union....family snapping at the family reunion...meanwhile I dipped down I-20 in the rental....

You heard? they said I'm acting brand new again..but going through the process...same rites, rituals and routines..will they be detrimental?

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