Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Acting Brand New...

Damn!! we're still acting brand new because a new year is here...2011.

Acting like the Republicans repealing the healthcare reform legislation..acting brand new like we knew!! please!!  its like Las Vegas or Atlantic City!! it's easy to roll seven.

Ice melting from the storm down here in Atlanta..damn!! what a way to start the year!

.."it ain't nothing nice" ...who felt him? God lets us know..He's in control..we should have no fear!

...Unless our plans don't interface with His will...what's the business? then there's a problem.

From urban wastelands.... Israeli and Palestinian settlements...suicide bombing in suburbia....trouble will find them.

They ask me...whatcha got to say man?  just got back from Mars..on a mission..white lights from the Mothership will blind them!! where can we find them? some waited in the dark too long.

Nights in white satin like Moody Blues? what's the news? were they Dark Knights in shiny armor that had chinks on it!! they weren't too strong!

To the front and back...left to the might find me bobbing and weaving like Muhammed Ali!

Louisville dude..affected my attitude..based on riding and swerving down Muhammed Ali!

Whats up with me?..acting brand new? because I'm rolling!! chilling in the ATL?  these are no lucid dreams!! it's the real deal like Holyfield!

What's up with me? what it do..what it does? just trying to get over like Superfly...that's word per Curtis Mayfield...

A stupid one plots and schemes like the Honeymooners..or others reality is virtual...what were they trying to build?

Trying to build a community like The Sims!!  but its more like the Simpsons..the gospel hymn said yield not to tempation!

....For yielding is sin..some live in glass houses like Temptations.

..some say they're building...but told not to come back like Tunisia did Ben they throw stones..rolling with Skull and Bones..

Acting brand new!! but can't get satisfaction like the Rolling Stones!

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