Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Acting Like We Knew!!

Damn!! it all falls apart!! .like the health care reform bill? .they had your homie looking for the duct tape!

Damn!! a bruh is in the heart of it!! I'm chilling down here in Georgia a corrupt state!

What's up they ask me?? told me it's too late...didn't take Kenny Rogers advice..gamblers were out for a fast buck!! they said I should throw my hand in!

Those that multi-task will be the winners I was told!! you might even win mega millions! they said my Mothership would crash and burn during the landing!

A brotha gets funky though..some are understanding these breakbeat scientific principles.

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..as we bump heads with masters of the universe..the so called invincibles!

Did this make sense to them and those? the oracle said everybody wouldn't be able!

Couldn't take the ongoing circumstances!! the economy is bad!!  told some I wouldn't be bringing anything to the table!

The fake tried to emphasize the imperfections of my people!! stated we were unable to get the job done!

Breaking it down to size!! but in Dekalb County Georgia authorities stopped us at roadblocks and intersections !! checking for entry codes and passes..checking resumes for the right classes..could we get the job done?

Class is in session..also known as reality...others lob IED's or roll in car bombs while O-Dizzle found the drums and even pulled out the piano!

Brothas were down to Plan Z!!  please!! they're robbing and stealing or drug dealing...check the scenario!

In love or war whose fair with you? don't hold your breath thinking of who is!

As we proceed and continue...acting like we knew this!

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