Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The I-20 Chroniciles PT.7....Once Again It's On..Rolling In The Rental...

Out on I-20  in Atlanta...who understands a bro? the hooptie is broke down!! they got me rolling in a rental!

Wreckage from the ice storm...will the truth be told? now I'm all up in a big Mercury Marquis!! old school is the attitude of the mental!

Made me pull out the Kangol!! listening to a Grover Washington instrumental..Mr. Magic. 

It was the live version...whatever is working!! how were others trying to roll? from Tunisia  to Washington the outlook can be tragic!

Ready to take a road trip..dipping down I-20 to I-75 south to Orlando..holla at Dwight Howard and the rest of the Magic...

But they're probably still mad about being beat by the Celtics..guess you can't really
believe in magic..

Do you believe in magic like the Lovin Spoonful? some will say your a real fool!!
                                    they said that you'll be caught out there...it's way to real!!

Do you believe in magic? the train of thought is rolling...visited Disney while down in the O-Town...they tried to convince me it's real!!..

Already knew the deal!! from the ATL to Louisville!! the homies were stacking it!! plus struggling at the same time!

Already knew the deal...rolling up I-75...spotted 1-10...now showing love.. California dreaming like  2pac and Dre and them..had that frame of mind...

Not hard to California dream..born up in that area up in the Ville!! what it do? it was about survival..aware of the same crime.

Now the Mercury Marquis is westbound...rolling through Louisiana..Texas..it's game time!!

Didn't lucid dream at the same time as Jared Loughner!! but had dreams of passing through Arizona.

By the time I get to Phoenix like Isaac Hayes...stopped at Jared's Subways...the Mercury Marquis plays the highway like it was made for it.

Wrong moves made? you'll get played for it...but we rise like the Phoenix..were on it!! we're now out on Highway 101 in San Francisco.

Listening to San Francisco Nights by Bobbi Humphrey .....back in the day it was the alternative to disco!

Smooth like butter!!! sweet like cookies from Nabisco...as we cruise like Smoky Robinson!

Mercury Marquis running smooth!! I might get lost in space like the Family Robinson!

...Or out on an island like Robinson Crusoe or Gilligan as it gets real again!

Actually it always is!! as we ball with this..hitting you up with breakbeat science...that's how we feel once again!

Once again it's on!! the hoopties broke down..I'm chilling in the rental...rolling down I-20 on the way back to Atlanta..

Once again it's on!! waking up from my dream...we're dealing with the detrimental..please!! whatcha know? they might play us like Baby Doc Duvalier returning to Haiti..locked up? .another day in the City of Atlanta...

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