Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011...Letting You Know What The Deal Is!!!

Yesterday..wasn't faraway like Paul McCartney was New Year's Day in Atlanta...the temperature was in the 60's..unseasonbly warm!

...Even though it did rain...washing 2010 away..caste your fears and tears away!! the cure or answer is in front of you..all you had to do was look up!! fix that and this!! no reason to stay in the storm!!

Actually some think it's the Australian flood waters..they'll be in the inclement weather.

Actually..they'll be thanking Al Roker every morning!! while others say whatever!

Thinking Al Gore is a joker for the global warming theory!! you hear me? but not trying to sound cunning and clever!

Thinking...some are trying to run the score up like Alabama vs Michigan State!! to set records!! checked my records...ties I had to sever..

Stinking..the funky drummer is drumming!! didn't sever my ties with the ways and means of the old school.

Another was preaching change with new ways for doing things!! said we needed to cross train and be flexible..or end up being an old fool!

Another said the Mississippi Burning cross didn't cause pain!! let it go!! that was an old rule!

Another from Iran said the holocaust didn't happen!! saying it was an old tool!

What's up man? who was down at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta? little dude was in the the wrong place at the wrong time..

What's up man? they said Tito Jackson put it down at Underground..success? right place..right time?

..Spotted old dude at the Five Points Marta Station dressed just like him!! dude was cool!! Fedora hat..polyester suit!! and had on the Stacy Adam kicks!

But he was on some other other...the train has left the station!! dude said he had more for the honies..knew what the case would be!! breaking bread when he tricks!

..Operating like a church deacon breaking bread at the Communion..when he kicks that knowledge the street preacher said amen!! but he walked down Peachtree telling folks they needed to repent!!

Plus that's what the Pope said!! the good word in the New Year's message that was sent.

Plus messages are sent in the songs when O-Dog conducted business!

2011 is here!! flushing 2010 down the drain..that's what the deal is!

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