Monday, January 10, 2011

Peace Be Still PT.5

Peace be still!! maybe guardian angels will ride shotgun with me.

As I ease on down the road!! going in getting it in!!  reading the Guardian and Al Jazeera  to get other angles ...noticed some are done with me!

Ronnie Laws type friends and strangers were down with me!! but flaws and imperfections were emphasized!

Laws protecting us from danger had loopholes!! now legislators are shot!!  through intersections riders of the storm scoop those!! but I wasn't surprised!

Word from the Doors and Jim Morrison...facing scorn again!! like that pop song.. alone again naturally!

O-Zone came through the door....found out about the score..and the weather..forecasters like Al Roker holla at me!!

God sent guardian angles...some  light and dark angels!! Michael Jackson told us how Human Nature would be!

It's Boston some will strangle me..others will act like they knew me...

I work the angles  like Dilated Peoples ...what it do? caught up in the drought. plus hydrated !! taking it as it comes!

I work the's for my people!! we're going all out! O-Dog wasn't faking it with the drums!!

Strangefruit dangles!! but not from found in hoods and inner city projects!

Funky beats? O-Dog bangs those in the hooptie!! from old school James Brown to the Strangefruit Project! 

It's rough in these streets!! slick like it is in Atlanta.  it's strange!!  the prosecution objects when diplomatic immunity is exercised.

So rough so tough like Roger!!  soon immune to the persecution..the community was exorcised.

The reign turned to a drizzle!! Peace Be Still!! meanwhile O-Dizzle rides for freedom..a bruh is going all out!

The Lord sent guardian angels to ride with me!! plus He's with me without a doubt!

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