Sunday, February 06, 2011

Peace Be Still PT.7............The Saga / Struggle Continues.

Peace be still was the gospel anthem..but what's the deal?  my folk are still acting!

......acting brand new in the venue..whatcha been through? peace were truly lacking!

Jack boys and jacking corporations are truly macking!! the rich get richer and poor get poorer!

Whose hacking NASDAQ? as we bring it back..check the Wall Street Journal, CNN or Forbes to see the score!

The train of thought is rolling!!..but I noticed the train wreck is watched..what for? some said they said they were bored!! plus misery loves company.

The pain gets heavy..some ask whose with me? corporations are started..the operation is lovely!

The reign gets started with a there's opposition like in Egypt..abort operations I was told!! or it would be sabotaged; due to findings by blue ribbon panels and task forces.

But O-Dizzle had the beats..O-Zone has this good word...we went through the door! we managed to catch our blessings!! now we blast on enemy forces!!

Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown were fronting!! of course reality divorces aren't granted when the Mothership landed back on earth!

The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space was calculated while I was out there!! I'm out here in the I took college courses..a brotha gets scientific..I found out what its all worth!

The reset button was hit!! I was under construction!! bear witness to the rebirth!! God wasn't through with me yet!

Punishment gluttons were distracted... its odd some things they'll forget.

Corporal punishment awaits history repeats itself!!  its like one of O-Dizzles loops!

An entity defeats itself like the fighting in Sudan...they're not learning from the scoops!

Victories and defeats are calculated like hoops!!! whose in the Hall of Fame like Deion Sanders? coming through like champions.

.....Or maybe even Marshall step ahead of the crime scene tape and white we proceed...the saga /struggle continues....on the mound we didn't balk!! we confronted the foul that hated..the Sonic Assault will damage them!

Otherwise....Babylon will strand them out there in the wilderness...soon finding out what the deal is....peace wouldn't be still!!

The wise and otherwise were fronting...didn't follow Cheryl Lynn's advice when she said it's got to be real!!

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