Saturday, January 22, 2011

Act Like You Knew!!

We're sonic change agents..not flagrant fouling with this!! check these cosmic facilitators.

Going through changes like Buddy Miles  up in these facilities!! getting played like Keith Olbermann whatcha know man?..some still hate us!

Going in!! blood libel  was heard...some are needing to check the files before debates get underway!

Going in!! whose liable..Hezbollah in Lebanon? whose viable? place your bets..over or will you play!

The old school baptist preacher wasn't  like the new school ones ...he said pull out your bible and pray over a few verses!

Act like you knew!!! please!! we might be able to get over a few curses!

Act like you knew!!! but recognize the pattern..blessings and curses reside in the same area!

Act like you knew!!! but some are stressing us..something about the state of the union..check the scenario!

Whatcha know about them? some are tailor the cliche cut from the same cloth!

Just clones that drunk the kool aid or had a cup of the elixir or broth!

Mr and Mrs Jones were kept up with!!!everybody said they're going off!!

Danger zones were jumping.."little homie" said something about "going in getting it in"...getting off!

"Big homie" said something about setting it off like Latifah and them if his money wasn't right!

Down to Plan Z!! also said he was like Kanye!! la la!! can't nobody tell him nothing right!

"I know dats right" was the word heard from old girl down in Georgia.

That's insight I bring to those waiting on the dark.. told them I'm not trying to start with ya!!

What's the deal? they might be part of the ongoing conspiracy.

No justice and no peace is the cliche!! they say it comes with the territory!

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