Monday, January 03, 2011

....Minds Playing Trcks?

................2011...not starting the year off right......

Paranoia set in...they said noises were heard..was Sherlock Holmes needed? was it like the Geto Boys joint?

Who will lose poise when minds start playing tricks? especially when they didn't get the point!

Who did they anoint? rolling on the USS Enterprise!! will Captain Honors lose honors?  foreign and domestic partners set their agendas.

We were out there like the Starship Enterprise..chasing the Solar Eclipse ...going down on January 4th!! then dropped back down to earth..but staying on point down here in Atlanta Georgia!! home of the wannabe macks and divas...real pretenders.

Knockoff version of Hollywood? check the style.. it's not sold at the Candler Road or Glenwood Road flea markets!

In Decatur Georgia...old girl said it's greater here!! trying to see what it do..the Mothership? I parked it!

The dog barked at it!! heard that the bite was worse than the bark!! but he was barking up the wrong tree..wasting his time!

O-Dog sparked it!! the sonic assault!!! check the steady bombardment..the brotha wasn't wasting his time!

X marked it....the spot...whose up in it? young and old G's wasting their crime on penny ante maneuvers?....

It wasn't natural like blackbirds falling from the sky.. whose needing to really break the bank off?  O-Dogs funk will stank..going off!!  doing what behooves us!

As we holla back atcha!! groove with us....original..not an Andre 3000 knockoff like B.O.B.!!!

Much respect though!! as we go for what we know..act like you know me!

What can they show me? pay us like you owe us!! as written on the RocaWear t-shirt spotted at Macy's on the clearance rack!

...As history keeps repeating ...we're on the case with these epiphanies!! we put on the clearance rack!

No clearance given for that!! we just proceed and  continue.

Check out these breakbeat prophecies!! plus brand new funk is on the menu!

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