Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finishing What I Started..

Started writing  this on MLK Day.....just now finished it!! but just like MLK a brotha has a dream! 

What was Jared Loughner starting? talking about  conscious and lucid dreams...or virtual reality..what's the deal with your team?

Who will run this? France said not Tunisia's Ben Ali.. some are done with that and this!! reality teachs lessons.

What's the deal? the train of thought is rolling!! I'm trying to open the lines of communication like undersea cable from Cuba to Venezuela!! others were asleep during the sessions!

Divine intervention is the armor or shield that protects chinks in it.. how else did things fall into place?

Crime prevention with McGruff  was biased..who are the suspects? it's us that's monitored as we run this race!

Time keeps on slipping slipping like The Steve Miller Band..time is flying but were still on the has to be that way!

This brotha kept on dipping and dipping....please!! I get free that way!!

Crimies keep tripping tripping..trying..they were down to Plan Z..but time is not on their side! 

Word from Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones..through danger zones we slide.

A trick said his swagger was on viagra!!  loans enabled him to slide through portals.

Opposition rolled with the dagger they said your wrong! how will the sport go?

Opposition will try to swing on you like Marvin Hagler...what it do? it'll be oops upside the the Gap Band....

I'm on a mission....check out the Mothership..that's what I'm strapped in... 

Can a rogues swagger be calmed down by peace talks?..some holla at Iran about the nuclear weapons... we even see North Korea and South Korea trying a little tenderness like Otis Redding....

En Vogue was heard singing hold on to your love...but in the paint like Waka Flocka Flame? some will push and shove...they'll grab ya!! like Blake Griffin and Lamar Odom...whatcha knowing about history repeating?                                               

 The O-Jay's Backstabbers was heard in the old Buick Regal dipping down Muhammed Ali up in the Ville.armchair quarterbacks said the plays were wrong!

Back slappers have some geeked up....said they could repeal the healthcare reform legislation...but they're wrong!!

Just like Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons days are soon long after being knocked out of the playoffs.

Listening to Drivin N Cryin Turn It Up Or Turn It Off...while driving and crying!! but rocked out..paths some strayed off!

Waiting in the dark  after running off the road..soon theres flashing lights like Kanye West!

Flashlights shine like justice no peace..the weary cant get any rest!!

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