Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Warning....

Damn!!!  warning!!! why they trying to stick me for my paper?  like questions asked by Biggie!

"It ain't right " said White Mike from the backwoods of Kentucky!! told him welcome to the American dream ..others might know the deally!

Dude said things were tight....he was up in Louisville smoking backwoods with the brothas..meanwhile O-Dizzle was in the lab cutting up some Steely Dan..hey nineteen!

......They said "we didn't have nothing in common" up was some old Common when he was rolling with No ID...when he first came on the scene!

Meanwhile first responders on the scene were set up when another bomb exploded!

The Sonic Assault is the response to the madness; back with this..blasting off like the Discovery.. what's up with me? Dark Mystery of Time and Space studied..but this is not the last time..a bruh stays the sound we stay devoted!

Lessons taught by cashing checks....that's what's up with me..during elections we voted; but politicians are still politicking!

...At intersections? cameras caught those speeding through on red...authorities are ticketing!

Plus authorities were nit picking on these jobs; harassing those they're trying to get rid of!

Can't fire them outright!! the union was ready to put on the boxing glove!

That's why they try to get rid of unions in Wisconsin..the boxing match is under's like those I was trying to show love to; but due to conditioning none was shown in return!

Even if scenarios like Teddy Pendergrass mentioned are introduced; lights turned off and a candle will burn.

A vandal or so called graffiti artist took their turn tagging the structure!

Striking back at the empire like protesters in Libya....said it was trying to corrupt ya!

Guess whose coming to dinner or supper? meals were prepared by chefs from hells kitchen.

O-Dizzle has the funky drummer drumming like the Big Unit he keeps pitching!

Who is he? dude said act like you knew it..but watch your mouth..some peeps are Wikileaking...just snitching

Whose Bewitching? the daughter of chaos?  now dude was talking about he's tricking because he's got it!!

Warning was the Biggie Smalls jam back in the Qaddafi finds out how hot it'll get...

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