Friday, March 11, 2011

A Cold Day In Atlanta..I Had To Put The Skully On!!

It was a cold day in Atlanta..representing a cold world? damn here we go again!! the saga /struggle continues.

Stranded on this A-Town planet where chefs from hells kitchen prepare meals from ill menus.

Could be stranded in Japan where the earthquake/tsunami hit; Lord Help!!  meanwhile in Atlanta  there's comes the judge!! and it's not Pigmeat Markham..what's up with them?   they'll render verdicts that will send you up or down state!

Adjustments are made to deal with the ongoing charade that threatens your mind state!

Cant truss it per Public Enemy; all you'll find is hate masquerading as love!

Busted and disgusted is the old cliche along with another one; it ain't all love!

Going hard in the paint like Waka Flocka Flame; but rebounders push and shove; they might even fire at your tour bus!

Things get hot like that nuclear reactor in Japan...what's happening man....on Glenwood Rd  dude  was hustling hard like Ace Hood and Swizz Beatz..he said the product is pure cuz!!

Going ballistic...nuclear like a falling off actor/ Charlie Sheen shooting torpedoes of truth at trolls..said concerns voiced were not legitimate.

Hammer said he was too legit to quit or forfeit!!  or maybe Dr Phil said get over it!

They damned us if we did or didn't!!  getting over with the Louisville / Newburg style.

Even heard Sean Hannity talking about blasting on Somalia for killing Americans; things can get foul!

Approaching the last mile; but Babylon set up a roadblock!

But this veteran now coaching is rolling in a discrete mode when I'm on the block!

Knowing that hustles get knocked like Gaddafi's jets shooting rebels; somebody has to keep the corporate military government complex going!

But mental and physical muscle is exercised; these brothers are going for what they're knowing!

What it do? acting like we knew... results are showing as we cross the threshold!

It's a cold day in Atlanta....O-Zone kept the scully on..knowing that this world is cold!

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