Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Up With It? Was Any Progress Made?

Damn!!  seems like we didn't even scratch the surface; was any progress made?

Flowing through streams of consciousness; noticed some are stressed..they realized they got played!

Whatcha knowing?  Wikileakers strayed off into my I stay on point like a Marine sniper!

Whatcha knowing? spotted streakers skinny dipping up in the joint!! saying they get hyper!

The naked truth wasn't a thing of beauty; torpedoes even shot by Charlie Sheen...but it's  like dude that was in the diaper with Parliament Funkadelic; even if told by Gadhafi; what's the deally? whose slipping into darkness like the joint by War?

Diplomatic immunity is exercised but whose starting it? jealous of it!! activated the glass ceiling and raised the bar!

 But that's par for the course...Tiger Woods once played under par but lately he's been struggling...

It's hard out here for a's tight in these peeps are even strong arm muscling...
Let the healing process begin!! trying to erase the physical and emotional scar; feeling like I'm in a wind parade....winds of change are blowing..

Word from Donald Byrd!! you heard? feel me on this..the train of thought is rolling!

Listening to Gil Scott Heron's Train from WCLK in the background; on I-20 the hooptie is rolling!

Trying to maintain...minding and tending is how we play...that's how were rolling!!

Who feels the pain? the apparatus was controlling every move they made.

Halls were monitored plus GPS tracking interfaced with bar codes; cell phones and microchips implanted were part of the charade.

Wall Street responded; the stocks are up or are they down? like the oil prices..check the status due to the games played.

What's up with it? its all game!! your boy prayed before he went in.

What's up with it? as we proceed and continue..were just getting it in!

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