Sunday, March 06, 2011

We Were Told To Keep It Moving...Keep Rolling..

Dark clouds roll in;  are things ready to cool off like the Miami Heat are? Al Roker and them said the storm is headed this way!

The dark mystery of time and space is studied; where is the Mothership headed?  the captain is ready to run a play!

Plus I studied the history..might raid the secret police HQ like in cats will doobie doobie  run runaway like the Roy Ayers song!

Taking it to the streets like Doobie Brothers!! what's up with others?  so called players were wrong!

"Don't let me catch you out in these streets" was uttered by the opposition!

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch; as I walk on by..the soul is hot and buttered like Isaac Hayes; were on a mission!

Whats the impression? scientific like Isaac Newton..I've got the power like Snap!

Word from Gaddafi!! he said you can't stop me!! acting brand new again..whose caught in a trap?

But God blessed!!  I checked the vibe; but theres a lot of folk stressed; static clings!! snap,crackle and pop is heard like cereal; played like the East Coast serial rapist...I couldn't even get dap!

Checked the tribe; like I said...I see a lot of them are had them on lockdown.

Now some of them try to get free like Libya..Tunisia or even Egypt; meanwhile we come equipped rocking the sound.

As we get down!! the Sonic Assault is unleashed...its on and popping!

Tires screeched up in the hooptie when I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta.....truth be told? O-Dizzle was dropping funk and hip hopping!

....Goals reached...we weren't quiting..weren't stopping!! the saga struggle continues.

The minister preached down at The First African Baptist Church in Sylvester Georgia...he was holding it down!!  said to keep rolling...stay strong...chefs were still in hell's kitchen with ill menus.

This minister of information rocks these venues!! dropping breakbeat science.

Whats the deal?  we still bump heads with these dangerous minds.

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