Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling The Heat Like Miami....Plus It's Extra Spicy...

The meal is extra spicy like eating some Indi's Chicken up in Louisville...or maybe Italian or Mexican food; now I can probably talk Spanish.

But it ain't nothing nice!! haters are alt shift deleting like massacres in Libya!! filing some away in file thirteen!! my people are hurting!! feeling the pain and anguish!

O-Dizzles beats bang like were in Bangladesh or some other exotic place.

Puzzles and riddles were solved by O-Zone; wasn't trying to flip like David Koresh down in Waco Texas..fanatics and haters want us to catch a case!

Dude from Nigeria tried to dip through Atlanta in the old school Mercedes carrying contraband..with invalid passports used by tourists; now facing harsh and adverse retribution.

Ghetto passes and entry codes are revoked; whose whistle blowing for the institution?

Like Atlanta teachers..soon paid off like Atlanta preachers? meanwhile the masses whistle while they work; but Wikileaking reveals its all for nothing!

Funk seminars and classes reveal O-Dizzle was in the lab tweaking breakbeats; he might be on to something!

Meanwhile the masses think O-Zone is on something!! based on these clearance rack epiphanies.

Shared with the prophetess the good word about the moving target strategies!

Moving targets are hard to hit!!! dodging bullets, backstabbers that the O-Jays talked about, daggers and shrapnel from Iraqi suicide bombers.

Plus the devils pitchfork!!! its pitch black on Kentucky back roads; truck drivers were rogering 10-4 good buddy !! then ran us off the road like he was bombing us!

What's the deal? it's similar to being thrown under the bus; what's up with us? please!! I hope Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners wasn't driving!

....Or our tour bus getting shot up like Waka Flocka Flame's trying to steal his gold chains?..they were tripping up in Charlotte!!..who will be Drivin N Cryin?

Somebody's lying like Pops ain't nothing's too hot like Kool and The Gang..extra's not cool like they say it is!!

Now somebody's crying...the drama never stops..we'll have to pray about this...

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