Friday, March 04, 2011

Sick With It...Slick With It...Concepts Revisited

Whose sick with it...slick with it?? it's flu season; whose under the weather..was a flu shot taken?

Reason gave way to it's a new season; whose under siege like Zawaya in Libya....a reign of terror..whose left shaken?

Whats the deal? taking a trip down I-20 in Atlanta...visualizing the sequence like I had Foster Grants on!

Heard what was said!!! dude said he wasn't faking !! the unemployment rate down? now trying to get his Benjamin's and Grants on!

Once again its on !! but the unemployment rate is still high for the tribe...whose trying to win again? this bruh lands on this planet called Decatur Georgia.

Once again its on!! dude was in the Stankin Lankin...talking about I "know dat's right" ...said he had more for ya! "

Straight from Edgewood down in Jacksonville Florida; said he's now representing for the Dec.

Straight hood!! said its real...supposedly putting work in..but just cashing a reality check!

Hatred still shown!! some want to see our satellite plunge into the sea like NASA's...the devil opposed to positive maneuvers; no respect!!!  they want to see us in pain! is

Whose faking it? but didn't take the plunge like Jared Loughner.. but said they're sick with it..slick with it...meanwhile I listen to some grunge by Nirvana with Kurt Cobain! 

Wrote this on his birthday; no work today...holidays were presidential so I get with ya..rocking the baldy, letting it go; no need for Rogaine!

CBA extensions between the NFL and players...First and goal!! but there's no gain when we run up the middle!

Whose the first to roll out from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli;  said they knew the riddle!

Who will dip with you? supposedly sick with it..slick with it.. rolling with Gaddafi!! saying your not going anywhere?

Rolling down I-20 in the Cut Dog!! funk provided by O-Dog...they cant stop me as we go there!

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