Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time Wasn't On Their Side....So I Enlighten Them

Heard them talking about time was on their side!! sounding like Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones.

But whose stalking marks and busters? rolling like Libyan rebels in Brega!!  told them don't front I see ya!! whose ready to stick them with the dagger when rolling through these danger zones?

The structure was rusted; jagged..ragged.. needed to be buffed or shined so homie can turn his swagger on!

Whats up with ya? some lost their swagger..lost their groove; they cant move!! some are waiting in the dark; vehicles in park..lights turned off like Earth Hour..they cant move!! soon seen out on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia trying to get their stagger on!

"That dude was gone" !!!  that's what little homie said!!! not even nuclear power would help!! the controlled substances had taken a toll!

...Maybe a broke version of Charlie Sheen calling the opposition a troll!

...In Atlanta....but wasn't fresh and clean like OutKast ; in need of Afro Sheen or something to refresh the jheri curl.

Stream of consciousness floater trying to out blast demons in gun fights after insights are provided; whose dipping like Gaza militants after Israeli air strikes?  the drama will unfurl!

Mideast rock hurlers get bombs dropped on them like Qaddafi is doing!

Midwest rockers from Louisville told the opposition you cant stop us!! we have a winning tradition like UConn!! were going for what were knowing!

Mentors said were blowing an opportunity; but who wants to end up like them?

Sonic defenders unleash the Sonic Assault; providing tough love but told some we don't have to like them.

....Had to fight them!!  that's how family does; but don't mess with the family!

I enlighten them; but some act like they don't understand me!

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